Art Rotterdam 2021: Rescheduled from February to July

Art Rotterdam will be taking place this year during the summer from Thursday 1 July to Sunday 4 July 2021. The new date is the result of an extension of lockdown by three weeks, which means that cultural institutions will not reopen until 10 February at the earliest. Art Rotterdam was originally scheduled for 4-7 February 2021.

Fons Hof, Director of Art Rotterdam, comments, "The twenty-second edition of Art Rotterdam will be a summer edition. The participating galleries will still be part of the event and are enthusiastic about the postponement until the summer. The Prospects Exhibition - Mondriaan Fund Shows Talent will also be rescheduled to this date. All food service will be conducted on the outdoor grounds and visitors will have the unique opportunity to experience the iconic Van Nelly Factory and Art Rotterdam in a summer atmosphere."

An overview of participants:

Rotterdam Art Week 2021 also rescheduled for the summer

Due to the extension of lockdown, the Rotterdam Art Week is also being postponed until the summer and will now be held from 30 June to 4 July 2021. Art Rotterdam will then too be the heart of this festival dedicated to art, design and architecture enthusiasts. This summer, the city's art climate will be strengthened and revived with special openings, exhibitions in museums and art institutions, lectures, guided tours, debates, pop-up shows and various fairs.

About Art Rotterdam
Art Rotterdam is a well-established and surprisingly varied art fair. This annual event offers a venue for the latest developments in the visual arts. The strong focus on new art, the diversity of the various sections, the connection to the City of Rotterdam and the fascinating location give Art Rotterdam a unique atmosphere. Art Rotterdam has increasingly become an attractive alternative for art lovers within the international field of art fairs and attracts more and more visitors, both national and international, each year. Prior to the event, the online catalogue for Art Rotterdam will be made available on This catalogue contains all of the works of art exhibited by the galleries, including price ranges. A brief biography, videos and recommendations are included for every artist. is the online platform for Art Rotterdam and provides potential art buyers with all necessary information for future art purchases. The site offers an extensive database of art, exhibitions and artist profiles. The over 45 participating galleries are selected based on their high-quality art portfolio. GalleryViewer, which aims to offer transparency and education to a broad audience, provides information online and supports a genuine art experience in the various galleries.

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