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Curated by: Zippora Elders, ao artistic director Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen, Cocurator of Exhibitions Sonsbeek 2020


Location: Atelier Joep van Lieshout (AVL)


Conditions of admission:

  • New initiative from Art Rotterdam for exceptional talent in performance art
  • Every performance gets a closed space or open space or stage
  • Continuous and varied program
  • The participating project space, gallery or artist initiative is mainly responsible for the production of the performance. Yet execution will be done in realistic collaboration and conversation with TPS.
  • Participation fee: € 500,-
  • The proposal needs to take into consideration that the performance program will take place throughout the whole day during the three opening days. This gives the opportunity of continuous visibility in a designated setting. Installation and scenography is designed by the curator in dialogue with AVL and Tom Postma Design, based on the final selection.
  • The participant may expect that the newly launched The Performance Show will have a prominent position during Art Rotterdam week. It will be the location for Press, international VIP and Mondrian Fund visits, as well as the focus of PR campaigns and the Art Rotterdam paper. Together with Witte de With a concentrated public program will be hosted during the opening dinner. The destination is part of the main routing between Van Nelle Fabriek, Haka and Object Rotterdam.
  • From Friday 7 – Sunday 9 February


Deadline: September 21st 2019

Applicant's data

  • Fixed contribution: € 500,- (excl. 21% VAT) *
  • Production, transport and installation of the performance are at the expense of the participant
  • (* VAT is charged only to Dutch participants, participants outside of the EU and participants without VAT number)

After you complete this form, we will confirm your subscription and provide you with direct links to our Wetransfer channel to enable you to upload your media files.

Provisions and conditions Art Rotterdam 2020 – The Performance Show

  1. Organisation 
    The Performance Show is the property of and will be organised by Art Rotterdam BV. Art Rotterdam has final responsibility for the content of The Performance Show.
  2. Location and opening times 
    The Performance Show will take place at Atelier van Lieshout (AVL) on the Keileweg 18 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands from Friday 7 February up to and including Sunday 9 February 2020.

    Exhibition days Friday 7 February 2020 11.00 – 19.00
    Saturday 8 February 2020 11.00 – 19.00
    Sunday 9 February 2020 11.00 – 19.00
  3. Participation and registration
    Participation is open to galleries, project spaces, artists initiatives in the field of performance art. Registration is only possible by way of the enclosed registration form. This form does not guarantee participation. All applications for participation will be presented for assessment to the curator. The registration form should be in the possession of Art Rotterdam by 21 September 2019 at the latest. Art Rotterdam stores the information received from applicants in its designated administration. By applying the applicant gives permission for the use and storage of this information. After a participation agreement has been concluded, Art Rotterdam can use this data for the organisation of the Art Rotterdam fair and The Performance Show as well as for related publishing purposes in the form of a (online) catalogue, the Art Rotterdam Newspaper, website, social media, etc. Art Rotterdam is authorized to take pictures and motion pictures of The Performance Show and the spaces, stages and persons present for the publication purposes of Art Rotterdam and The Performance Show. Participants and personnel hired by them will condone the publication and/or distribution of the recordings and indemnify Art Rotterdam for any claims regarding this matter.
  4. Acceptance, admission and payment
    Acceptance of registration will take place following approval by Art Rotterdam. Upon acceptance (early November 2019) an payment of € 500,- (excluding VAT) must be made before December 4th 2019. For non-Dutch participants the reverse charge procedure may apply for V.A.T.
  5. Cancellation of registration / breach of contract 
    In the event of cancellation of the registration or breach of contract then, up until 3 months before the artfair, 50% of the total costs of participation must be paid by the participant to Art Rotterdam. After this 100% of the total costs of participation must be paid by the participant to Art Rotterdam.
  6. Open, closed or stage
    Each performance will be provided with an open space, closed space or stage. Production, transport and installation of the performance are at the expense of the gallery, project space or artist initiative. Without the express permission of Art Rotterdam the participant is not entitled to place anything whatsoever outside the lines of the surface area assigned to him. The participant is obliged to keep the surface clear of all stock, packaging materials and such.
  7. Admission tickets for contacts and participants
    Each participant will receive from the organizers 2 vip cards. These vip cards provide an entitlement to free admission during the exhibition days for 2 persons per card. In addition there will be 100 tickets for 1 person for free admission on one of the exhibition days.
  8. Security
    The organizers will provide security outside of assembly and disassembly times from Friday 7 February 10.00 hrs to Sunday 9 February 22.00 hrs. During setting up, opening and disassembly times the care of goods is expressly at the expense and risk of the participant.
  9.  Qualification
    Art Rotterdam is not liable for loss, theft or damage to persons or goods in whatever form. The participant is obliged to take out proper insurance for this. The organizers are entitled to ask for proof of insurance if they consider it necessary.
  10. Force majeur
    If The Performance Show is cancelled, delayed or shortened through unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond its control then Art Rotterdam may not be held liable in any event. Participants, in that case, can not make any claim for damages or repayment by Art Rotterdam.
  11. General
    Art Rotterdam will decide in all cases which are not foreseen by these provisions and conditions. The instructions of Art Rotterdam or an executive organizer appointed by Art Rotterdam must be complied with at all times. In the event of a dispute the court at Rotterdam is solely competent. All information has been put together with care but Art Rotterdam may not be held liable for its accuracy and no rights may be derived from the details provided. This information is expressly not to be considered as an offer or tender.

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